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The offshore wind market is set to grow six-fold by 2030. A recent report states that the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, and China will drive forward the development of new fields over the next decade, while Taiwan and the US will become more prominent gigawatt markets. The latest wind farm to be developed

In this day and age when downtime prevention, maintenance and cost reductions are key, remote surveillance must be one of the top ways to improve all three. PES went to find out the latest developments from Moventas who have remote surveillance centres in Finland, Italy, UK and the US to monitor over

The global power cable provider NKT believes an even stronger focus on sustainability is emerging in the offshore industry to meet the global demand for renewable energy. The company is continuously investing in projects ensuring sustainability in all areas of its offshore operations and has already seen its energy efficient cable-laying vessel

China is well on the way to being a market leader in wind energy and ZF is already there, in the established Tianjin facility and the satellite plant in Beijing. The European trained Chinese staff includes designers and technicians all eager able to provide a top class service worldwide. PES brings you

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