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Andrew Wickham, Managing Director at Buoyant works, has been involved in impact protection design, engineering and manufacture for the past 25 years. Developing and creating brands such as Hippo Marine and Manuplas, both long standing manufacturers of fendering, booms, buoys and other impact absorbing structures, has pioneered a new design. WindShield is

With the rapid growth in availability of drones and access to commercial drone certification, the wind farm industry is becoming overrun with inexperienced operators offering drone inspection services. At the other extreme, advances in technology means that autonomous drone services are now being offered as a safer, more efficient alternative to wind

The steel structures, which make up a wind farm, need protection. Importantly, those offshore need a specific type, because without the correct coating corrosion occurs. This weakens and shortens the lifespan of the parts. Jo van Montfort, from Bjond, explains to PES why the choice of coating should be made by an

Sputter deposition is a technology for the surface treatment of substrates. The technique is based on ion bombardment of a target, resulting in a vapor. One of the most common approaches for growing thin films by sputter deposition is the use of a magnetron source, in which positive ions present in the

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