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It is well known that on large scale PV farms clean panels are essential in order to produce peak yields. The Italian company Messersì has been offering PV cleaning solutions for 7 years. Their product, Roboklin 25, is a fully automated machine and it delivers efficient cleaning to large PV farm operators.

High-quality wind resource data is essential for investors and developers looking to guarantee the accuracy of financial modelling – all the more so as the decline in subsidy tariffs, both in the UK and further afield, leave little margin for error. When it comes to guaranteeing the accuracy of this data, industry

It might not surprise the reader that wind turbines, blades, etc. need to be inspected intelligently to avoid faults turning into unnecessary problems, and to keep inspection costs at a minimum. But there is always news to tell when it comes to how to do it better. Asset inspections are in the

The Global Wind Energy Council released its annual market statistics on 14 February from Brussels. The 2017 market remained above 50 GW, with Europe, India and the offshore sector having record years. Chinese installations were down slightly – ‘only’ 19.5 GW - but the rest of the world made up for most

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