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The future of solar farm security lies in communications technology. And in an optimised cooperation between security service providers and authorities. PES wanted to find out what advancements had been made at viamon since last hearing from them. Worldwide – but especially in sun-drenched regions such as the so-called Sun Belt near the

While more than seven decades have now passed since the end of WWII, the remnants still remain in the North Sea today. It is common practice for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) to be found during offshore projects, with potential to pose a threat to offshore work and vessels, particularly when laying pipelines and

The battery storage market is expanding and domestic and community users are expected to install small-scale batteries. This is linked to coal phase out and cold waves, such as The Beast from the East. PES invited Keith Robertshaw, Business Development Director from N-ERGY Power Solutions to clarify the link and explain why

PES is delighted to bring you this latest advanced technology solution from ZF Wind Power. Over the last few years total wind turbine noise, which is mainly generated by the interaction of the wind and the wind turbine structure, has changed from being one of the properties of a wind turbine to

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