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Alan Gooding, director and co-founder of Smarter Grid Solutions, explains that the secret to harnessing offshore wind lies back on dry land. The growth of offshore wind power is nothing short of astounding. The UK’s capacity already sits at 8GW, with 2GW added during 2018 alone, and energy minister Claire Perry wants that

We all know how important, yet difficult it can be to keep solar panels clean. Various improvements have been made over the years and now PV Cleaning has made a significant improvement with a new mobile brush concept. PES brings you their range of easily adaptable solutions. Heavy dirt build-up on photovoltaic cells can

For those working in the wind sector, the risks of arc flash incidents have always been better understood than in many other industries. Working with extremely high voltages and large currents on a daily basis, means that knowledge across the sector is noticeably higher compared with similar industries that are also at

The way to the optimal subfab process byproduct gas abatement system: accurately tune to the desired application to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Processes with many safety concerns, such as silicon epitaxy, require looking across many possible technologies. Increasingly complex production processes in the industrial sector lead to rising

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