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The importance of reliable grid code compliance in times of increasing requirements Markus Holzapfel, Product Manager at meteocontrol GmbH spoke to PES about the reasons, the process and benefits for the industry of the certification of meteocontrol’s Power Plant Controller. PES: Welcome to PES Solar, it’s great to meet you. How did you end

What once seemed like a pipedream has become reality. Offshore wind projects worldwide have increased in number, and are now becoming more of the norm. What has not gone away is the citizen opposition to wind farms, which now has spread to offshore projects worldwide. Recent studies on global offshore wind show

In times of growing demand for renewable energy sources and clean electricity, there are more and more small private installations on rooftops, carports and similar, in addition to large PV plants and projects on an international scale. But successfully ‘going solar’ requires thorough planning and careful evaluation of components to be installed.

According to the World Economic Forum, the Internet of Things (IoT) which focuses on the extension of internet connectivity to everyday physical devices will be the driver of the fourth industrial revolution1. The Internet of Things represents a new reality, the data collected from internet devices can be used to enhance efficiency, develop

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