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Offshore wind structures are exposed to an extremely corrosive environment. As a result, corrosion rates of steel are high, >0.5 mm/year, and coating systems must perform extremely well. Jo van Montfort from Bjond, gives PES his professional viewpoint on some of the pitfalls of the current certification processes and outcomes. This means

Matthias Mack, Director Global Alternative Energies and member of the Management Board at Stäubli, came to talk to PES about electrical connectors. These small components play a crucial role in a long-term partnership between our company and the customer. This is built on reliability, thoughtful expertise, dynamism and exceptional quality, in both

It’s been three years since the founding of Kameleon Solar and I find myself, only now, writing the first in-depth article about our company. It’s not that we’ve never had news worth sharing, as you will find, there have been plenty of milestones. Your first publication largely defines who you are as

Don’t miss the Global Wind Summit, which starts in Hamburg on 25 September; it is the biggest and most important meeting of the wind industry worldwide. It combines the world’s leading wind industry expo WindEnergy Hamburg with the global conference of WindEurope to create a high-powered, unique platform for business, networking and

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