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Construction of offshore wind farms has advanced rapidly over the last few years and is maturing into a market where subsidy funding is diminishing. Numerous companies joined in to develop the offshore wind market and are further developing their assets to provide services to this market. PES shares this insight in to

The power of the sun is immense. But capturing this power efficiently and turning it into sustainable energy is no easy task. Solar module manufacturers and project developers are therefore always on the lookout for new technologies and materials that amplify the power generated by solar systems. As a renowned materials supplier

Digitisation and Industry 4.0 are causing the wind industry to rethink how it does business. Sustainable growth is a constant entrepreneurial challenge. The market is characterised by continuous evolution that never takes a break. However, unlike biological evolution, companies can decide for themselves to a large extent how they want to develop.

PES caught up with Richard Reno, Senior Executive, Renewables Segment, GE’s Power Conversion business, to hear about their capacity to supply every aspect of a solar farm’s lifespan, the importance of digitalization and Predix, their open cloud-based digital platform. PES: We are pleased to welcome you to PES Solar/PV. Would you like

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