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Kristian Holm, VP Renewables, Kongsberg Digital, dropped in to PES to give us his views on our industry and digitalization in particular. We know that cost and time saving have been a top priority for turbine owners and operators for many years and here we learn how it is possible to achieve

The history of the global PV industry is one that is defined by innovation. And now, more than ever, the continuing growth and sustained health of the solar sector is further enabling companies to invest in R&D. From tech start-ups to global electronics companies, new components that deliver marginal improvements or game-changing

Peter Thiele, president of Sharp Energy Solutions in Europe, looks at the development of solar module technology and renewable energy in the year and decade ahead. 2018 was an exciting year for the solar and renewable energy market. An increase in the number of large scale photovoltaic cell and module factories, as

Blaaholm designed and manufactured the Davit Crane because of the increased weight of future wind turbine components, which puts greater demands on crane capacity and the demand for savings on service costs from their customers. PES sat down with Torben Blaaholm to find out more about this crane’s innovative features. The new crane

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