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At PES we know that maximising uptime and reducing costs are essential to the offshore wind power business. Semco Maritime helps offshore wind farm operators do exactly this by offering full service and maintenance concepts for offshore substations and wind turbine foundations - the so-called transition pieces. Semco Maritime helps offshore wind farm

New multi-megawatt solar installations are growing rapidly, which is great news for the environment and the economy. With that growth comes falling prices, both for power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar gear including PV modules, inverters and other equipment. But what about the people reading this article who got into large scale

The renewables market, particularly wind, is a key sector for ALE. Building on experience in the power sector, we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop smarter solutions to the challenges created by the increasing heights of wind turbines and associated components. In relation to the on-shore wind enery market, ALE offers

For the past 3 years, ALL NRG has combined the strengths of several leading Danish energy service providers to create a solid base for further development. PES went to find out how this has been achieved and why there is optimism in the air. Collecting industry know-how from its individual business segments, such

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