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While German wind turbine manufacturers have become active in nearly all markets in the world, in Germany it is facing a profound upheaval. Now that renewable, decentralised energy transition technology has become a major pillar for power generation in this industrial nation. Matthias Zelinger, Managing Director of the Power Systems trade association

In this, first of four articles, we look at how ActSafe Powered Ascenders are making wind turbine maintenance quicker and more efficient. We are all familiar with the adage “time is money”, and in offshore wind energy nothing could be more true. Getting people and material onsite quicker and allowing work tasks to

By Lindsay Roberts, Senior Policy Manager, Scottish Renewables With two-thirds of the UK’s onshore capacity and an offshore sector now getting steel in the water, Scotland has long been a leading champion of the wind sector. The country is the birthplace of wind-powered electricity generation and the windiest place in Europe, with 25%

PES brings you the latest on JAN DE NUL’S INSTALLATION SHIP, THE VOLE AU VENT. A jack-up vessel specifically built for work on wind farms. Read on to find out more. On Tuesday September 15th 2016, JAN DE NUL and NOBELWIND will sign the first offshore wind contract for JAN DE NUL’s installation

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