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CEO & Founder, Simon Meijer, gave PES a thought-provoking introduction to COOLBACK. Their aim is to keep modules cooler, adding strength with less materials, whilst keeping an eye on their carbon footprint. What could be better than an R&D oriented company to lead the way in curbing module degradation? PES: Thank you for

There are 4 common types of maintenance: corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, risk-based maintenance and condition-based maintenance. The solar panel cleaning robot from SolarCleano is one of the key elements of predictive maintenance for solar power plants. What is preventive maintenance? Preventive Maintenance, also referred to as PM, is a proactive maintenance strategy that

If everything goes smoothly, then the UK’s offshore wind industry should be well on track to hit the Government’s target of 40 Gigawatts (GW) of generation capacity by 2030, but this is not an industry that’s accustomed to everything going smoothly. Chris Towner, Partner and renewable energy specialist at law firm Womble

Abstract: The ever-growing database of offshore wind farm production data provides the opportunity to improve the understanding of wind energy potential at existing and future sites significantly. In principle, the wind turbines provide a dense measurement system of the wind conditions. These need to be distinguished from all other factors that drive production

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